YouTube, NEJM, Whitney Houston, and Alpha Male Monkeys 3

Take a close look at this screenshot from YouTube (click to expand):

  • Jim Ware, the legendary New England Journal of Medicine biostatistician: 8 views.
  • Jerome Kassirer, Marcia Angell, and Arnold Relman, former NEJM editors: 36, 28, and 257 views.
  • Whitney Elizabeth Houston Funeral Service: 994,920 views. (And how many more Whitney Houston videos do you think are out there?)
  • Alpha Male Monkey attacks man: 2,135,280 views.

Draw your own conclusions. Here’s just one from me: we need to figure out how we can use social media better than we do now.



  1. Heh. At first I thought you were suggesting that if we just tagged others as male monkeys…

    (Just thought I’d feed your Sitemeter stats)


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