Whistleblower Lawsuit Yields $2.4 Million For New Jersey Cardiologist 2

A New Jersey cardiologist will receive $2.4 million for his role in a whistleblower lawsuit against Cooper Health System and Cooper University Hospital. Following an investigation by the US Department of Justice and the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, Cooper agreed last week to pay $12.6 million to settle Medicare and Medicaid fraud allegations. The federal qui tam lawsuit was originally filed by Delaware Valley cardiologist Nicholas L. DePace, who claimed that Cooper paid illegal kickbacks to physicians for patient referrals.

Click here to read the full story on Forbes.

English: By Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) 2007.



  1. Wonder why the headline here was not “Hospital fined $12.6 million for paying illegal kickbacks to doctors” instead of focusing on what the whistleblowing doc earned?

  2. Fair question. The answer is that I try to look at stories from the angle of a cardiologist. Most people would indeed be more interested in your headline. But cardiologists I think would be more interested in this particular angle.

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